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Content Creation Templates

Content Creation for B2B Content creation templates are useful for a variety of reasons. One, they help you get buy-in from the people who can help supply information. I'm sure many of the people reading this have had problems with stakeholders contributing at all to writing for marketing. In my opinion, that happens because we ask them to do too…
Matt Kraska
June 30, 2019
power bi analytics for marketingBlog

The Tech and Tools I’m Using

Technology changes, we learn new things, trends in marketing change, and our ability to blend new ideas with existing programs can be different depending on circumstance. The list of software and tools, for me, will change frequently. I love to try out new things, and just because I like it for a few months doesn't mean that I'll use it…
Matt Kraska
June 12, 2019

Assessing Your Products

Define and Understand You need to be aware of your product strengths and weaknesses. Every single company I have ever worked for gets caught up in the thought that they are doing it better, their products are, and people around the world purchase them because they know that the products are the best. This is never true. Ever. (more…)
Matt Kraska
March 7, 2019

Competitor and Competing Product Analysis

A Marketing-Focused Change to SWOT In the Buyer-Based book, these two analyses are different chapters, because they are both complex looks at complex topics. Here, because they are so closely related, I will keep them together. I have performed no less than a metric crap-ton of SWOT analysis, and I find that the layout used there is useful in many…
Matt Kraska
February 28, 2019
Marketing foundation market sizingResources

Market Sizing

An approach, not a calculator Market sizing in the Buyer-Based program does not include one-size fits all calculator. The example below follows the market sizing lesson in the book. This approach can be modified to fit almost any industry type and for any series of products. This bottom-up approach looks at your products and how they are used and relies…
Matt Kraska
February 28, 2019

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